Expectant Mothers And Travel Insurance

There are travel concerns for many expectant mothers as the doctor generally will issue a no fly rule once you are so far into the pregnancy.  It is possible to travel while you are pregnant so be sure that you look into the different concerns associated to  travel insurance

A lot of women wish to take some time for a bit of ‘r and r’ before the baby is born, so just make sure that before you plan a trip that you have some medical coverage before you go.  In the eyes of the one way travel insurance companies expectant mothers are greater risk than other people so they will have much more terms and conditions that you will have to read. Usually when you buy insurance you don’t have to worry too much about how hard it is, but for a pregnant woman it is not that simple. For example, complications may come up where you will have to terminate your flight.  If this happens it is likely that you will not be covered. While your flight may be messed up, since you are still in your home town you will have health coverage by your regular insurance carrier. Yes, that is great that medical expenses are covered, but we are interested about the our  cheap travel insurance.  You have a non-refundable flight that you have to miss, for complications or any other reason.  Will you be refunded for that missed flight? 

The second trimester is typically the best time to travel, so ask about any conditions that may affect your insurance if you are now in your third trimester. The 30th week of pregnancy is the ear mark for any pre-term labor that may occur. Once you get to 28 weeks, the air companies may still be sticklers on this, and usually you are only permitted to fly at 36 weeks if you have a letter from your doctor saying that you can fly with their permission. 

While the traveler’s insurance companies may not cover any pregnancy related problems, what you really need to ask is about the travel related aspect of things. The most essential question to ask is, “if there are complications due to my pregnancy and I have to miss a flight, will my travel expenses be reimbursed?”


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