A Few Tips On Travel Insurance For Children

When applying for a travel insurance plan, one would certainly prefer to include everyone who will be going.  Generally, an insurance company is only going to offer you coverage for your immediate family only, but what they know is that any person that is being covered is worthy of being covered by their standards.  This is just another way to get around the loopholes that come with any insurance policy.  However, with enough searching, it is possible to find quality annual family travel insurance.

With children of the age of 19, a travel insurance carrier in most cases require some form of proof that they are a student.  They may ask for a photo id or a college student id.  It may be a student badge or a driver’s license.

They may also ask if the child is dependent upon what they call as the Eligible Participant.  This person would be the one applying for the insurance. This is the case whether you are getting basic or adventure travel insurance.  If the child has a physical disability or is mentally retarded, the insurance company might require you to show a record from the doctor stating that the child could not travel without the parent and so they should be covered in the policy.

How interesting, that for a newborn, they will only give automatic coverage for up to 31 days following the birth.  However, it is unlikely for a mother to travel as soon as the child is born.  Then, once the 31 days is up, you need to call them and re-add the child to your policy with new coverages.  They need to be enrolled as soon as they are born in order to continue coverage on the child.  This doesn’t  seem very convenient for new parents, but again travel isnt the first thing on a new mothers mind.


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