Why Mozambique Should be Hot Spot tourist Destination

Mozambique isn’t really a country praised all that much and if and when it’s ever mentioned it’s never for a positive reason. long past are the days of drugs trafficking and warlords which damaged Mozambique and many African countries.

Mozambique hasn’t had it easy over the last 5 decades as many inland wars and gorilla warfare troubled the country, many do not know but the conflict has long  been ceased, but because of these unfortunate events the world had turned an blind eye to this fantastic country.

The Portuguese speaking country of Mozambique has a large array of cultural influences due to its geographic position in the African continent, to the north of Mozambique lies the country of Tanzania as well as multiple Arab lands such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, to the west lies rich African countries like Kenya and south African, while to the west is the warm and tropical Indian ocean.

Maputo is the Capital city of Mozambique, it has a monstrous population of near 1,250,000, the city itself faces out over the Indian oceans making life in this established city very peaceful and civilised.

Now is the time Mozambique should be accepted as an established and safe country as well as being a perfect tourist destination.

Many tourist’s don’t even consider Mozambique as a Holiday choice but the fantastic country offers everything you’d ever expect from your conventional holiday destination, the large and diverse landscapes bid vast savannah’s and planes which make perfect dwellings for large assortment’s of game animals, this means Safari Holidays and excursions can be taken In Mozambique.

As I mentioned earlier the brilliant country boarders the bountiful Indian ocean coastlines because the coastline is tropical it cleans the floor with the conventional European beaches the majority of holidaymakers are used to.

Mozambique Holidays are shamefully underestimated and easily fill’s the quota for many Holidaying needs, Mozambique tourist attractions should be taken into consideration when enquiring about South Africa Holidays as the holiday experiences should be on par, in my opinion Mozambique holidays proceed what i’d expect from a south African holiday due to the beautiful tropical beaches on offer.

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