What is There to do on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships are not just a mode of trasnsport, they are floating luxury hotels, you’ll likely discover that many people actually select the ship before they choose their desired route. You may be taken aback to learn that many cruise passengers stay on the ship the entire time. This is telling about how rapidly cruise liners have improved their services in the past 20 years. It’s true that Cruise ships have always been plush inside? but ships of today aren’t just plush and comfortable, they offer everything and usually more facilities and leisure activities than you would find in the average town, they are floating cities!


Any one of us can happily live on a cruise ship and could well do so years. I’m a gym fanatic and after worrying about the facilities, I was amazed to find the fitness suite better than the one at home! River Cruise ship I went on was better than the one at home! Not just that but the outdoor pool and sunbathing area rival any other hotel based pool ive ever experienced. Cruise ships just do everything right. There are even activities on here that you won’t be able to find at home. These include surf stations, a large platform that creates an artificial wave that you can grab a surfboard and learn to get gnarly.


Even the food on cruise ships is highly impressive, I was on Nile Cruises lasy year and the variety and quality of the cuisine was nothing short of exquisite. There was so much choice on offer to please anyone from the die hard carnivore to haute-cuisine loving veggie. The platters of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit were beautifully laid out and I almost didn’t want to tuck in for fear of wrecking the display. This as also the case on River cruises Danube.

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