Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran

The Ahimsa philosophy is embodied in the Sanskrit phrase ahimsa which implies to abstain from hurt or violence to all earth’s creatures. Followers of the Hindu religion consider embracing this superb will result in a better manner of life. Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran stands as a reminder to our valued company and the folks of the world that Bali is a mild island with caring inhabitants.

Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran redefines luxury accommodation by providing discerning guests with the last word boutique villa experience. Contemporary design and traditional Asian architecture coupled with impeccable five star service ensures your stay might be an unforgettable one.

Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran Lodging

Eleven luxury villas located a hundred and fifty meters from certainly one of Bali’s finest swimming beaches and only a stones throw from the Four Seasons resort and spa.

The success and popularity of all the properties managed by The Ahimsa Group, combined with the magic of Jimbaran Bay, all however ensures that Ahimsa Beach shall be much type after vacation accommodation.

The Ahimsa Beach consists of seven units of One-bedroom Villa, two units of Two-bedrooms Villa and two units of Three-bedrooms Villa exquisitely appointed villas fitted with the air and essence that have made Ahimsa lodges one of the widespread boutique model lodges on the island.

The interiors and the gardens of Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran are a mark of class and elegance. A fusion of contemporary and traditional design mastered by Stuart Smith and renowned designer Dean Kempnich.

This is one other great challenge from a administration crew that continues to prove time and time once more that they’ve an intimate data of what guests to Bali count on from their island get-away.

Villa Ahimsa Jimbaran gives 24-hour full security, 24-hour reception and in home services including engineers, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners and drivers. Source: Bali Villas

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