USA holidays: Florida V Vegas

With America being so vast, so are the options for taking holidays there. This is a problem me and my family are facing currently. We’ve never been to the US before and because it is so unlikely that the opportunity (read as: money) to go again will arise again anytime soon, we haven’t fully decided where to go.

The votes of my youngest 2 girls go to Florida holidays. Unsurprisingly, Disney World Resort is a big attraction for them and I have to admit that the magic of Disney and Hollywood Studios is drawing me in too! With 4 theme parks crammed full of rides and attractions within the resort, there seems like there is much to explore and even if we grow tired of the resort there are stretches of beautiful, clear beach for us to investigate and relax on. Not to mention the glorious weather!

My husband and eldest son on the other hand, really want to have a Las Vegas holidays. I feel this option is far less child-friendly and that the two men will get bored very quickly since I will not giving them free reign to gamble and binge drink! I do not completely hate the idea of Vegas seeing a show like ‘O’ and the water fountains displays outside the Bellagio hotel sounds really great and I wouldn’t mind checking out a few of the rollercoasters that the city Is famed for but with the little ones in toe I really just can’t see how it would be practical.

Hmmm. I think it is clear already which one USA holidays we will be taking! But as the mother of the household (and therefore organiser, suitcase packer, passport-carrying checker), I think I am more than entitled to have the final decision.

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