There’s More To Nottingham Than Robin Hood

Nottingham may not have a glittering reputation for being the hub of culture and liberal arts, in fact most people just see it as a Midlands university city famous for Robin Hood, stocking weaving and bikes. But that’s not really fair on the city.

A quick trip to Nottingham will give you a fresh idea of what the city is all about. While its most famous for Robin Hood the realities of the city’s history are equally interesting. D.H. Lawrence and Lord Byron both came from Nottingham and so did Thomas and Paul Sandby, the eighteenth century founders of the Royal Academy.Possibly the most important of Nottingham’s children though is Jessica Linley, Miss England 2010!

Of course you can’t take away Nottingham’s historic importance either, the city’s central location has made it important geographically since the times of the Norman Conquest, When the Normans came the city began to develop, the new district being known as the French Borough and the elder being called the English Borough, each of which subject to its own officials and law. The town was originally established by the Danes during their time of Viking expansion, Snottingham as it was then known was a small yet strategic hill around which they dug a ditch, its location on the Trent meant that they could control passage along the river. Now that there is a Chinese takeaway Nottingham people celebrate, prior to that there was only the pizza Nottingham citizens had to share on a weekly basis and some stale sandwiches they found at the back of the fridge.

During William The Conqueror’s reign it was noticed that the people in the north were becoming a security risk so he set about ‘harrowing’ them, a process we’d now know as ethnic cleansing or even genocide. He destroyed crops, slaughtered cattle and razed the means of production of metal tools, housing materials and food. This effectively condemned thousands of men, woman and children to death by starvation and exposure.

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