The Advantages of Pub Accommodation

Holidaying in pub accommodation is a popular choice for couples planning on exploring an area. By its very nature, this type of accommodation is more appropriate for couples or small adult groups. Of course, pub accommodation is generally of a good standard, but more often than not it is used merely as a base for further exploration of an area.

One of the main advantages of pub accommodation is that it is flexible. Oftentimes landlords allow flexible check in and out times as well as the fact that booking is not necessarily required. Obviously, peak season will increase the likelihood of a pub being full but it is usually possible to arrive at a pub and book accommodation there and then. Nevertheless, calling ahead where possible is worth it.

Pub accommodation is perfect for couples looking to explore a given region of the country. Often a couple might be touring a county in their car, on their motorbikes or even using canal boats and be using pubs as stop off points along the way.

Many people feel that pub accommodation offers are more authentic local experience than staying in a hotel because locals are friendly and able to offer advice on places to see which are off the beaten track. Visitors to pub accommodation are also often treated to local food or ale.

One other advantage of pub accommodation over hotels is that it is much cheaper. For some people this means that they are able to afford to extend their holiday. Naturally, the accommodation is not nearly as luxurious as in a hotel, but for the purposes required pub accommodation is of a high standard.

Pub accommodation is often not as heavily advertised as hotels. The highest quality accommodation can often be recommended by word of mouth. Many published guides to pubs, cuisine and ale can recommend great places to stay.


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