Taking A Short Break In New York

I spent last weekend in New York on a shopping trip. What a great world we now live in when we can now just hop on a plane and visit a great city like New York for a couple of days. And the best thing about this is the fact that I did not have to pay a fortune for the flights or the accommodation. I just decided to go for it after seeing it advertised in the newspaper. I used to think that these advertisements were just claiming to have flights this cheap but that you never really got the price advertised; I was wrong. After paying for both my flights and accommodation, I was only down four hundred pounds; I couldn’t believe it.


The Big Apple has to be the number one shopping destination in the world. I have to say i found it very hard not to take my credit cards to the max because of the choice available. Even with a lot of self control I still ended up buying a lot. The other great thing about New York is the entertainment. On the first night I visited a trendy restaurant and a few proper New York bars – the fact that I was a single woman didn’t seem to bother anyone. The next night I took in a show on Broadway and to my dying day I will never forget this experience.


For anyone thinking about taking a short break like this I would highly recommend it because it is so inexpensive. I would be straight back on the plane in a flash if I could. If you can take a break or two throughout the year, it does wonders for our sanity. Taking a foreign holiday once a year is never really enough but another break in the year really can make it easier to get through the winter.


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