Southeast Asian Tourism

With Asian trade rapidly growing, the rest of the world is working out how they can tap into this productive market. Southeast Asia is a critical part of the world trading system. The region’s economy greatly depends on agriculture, however, like the rest of the continent Tourism has been a key factor in its economic growth. In recent years, the tourism trades of a majority of Southeast Asian countries are certainly feeling the knock-on effect from the rest of the continents boom.


The Malaysian government has attempted to expand its economy with sectors such as tourism getting more attention. The government’s plans to boost tourism has seen over 7million tourists entering the country since its launch. The government’s plans to revitalise tourism trade has resulted in over 7 million tourists entering the country since its launch. This worldwide marketing strategy was initiated in 1999, and adopted the slogan “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. Despite the government’s shifting focus upon the growth of an industrial economy, Malaysia holidays are still proving very popular.


Thailand’s tourism revenues are on the rise. However, confidences in Thailand holidays seem to be degraded somewhat due to political uncertainty. Under the leadership of the regime the GDP growth has dropped to 4-5%, under the previous civilian administration growth was between 5-7%. The GDP growth of the nation has now dropped from 5-7% under the previous civilian administration, to 4-5% under the leadership of the new regime. Despite this, Thailand attracts more Tourists than any other Southeast Asian country. Non-ASEAN countries still have a relatively low dependence on their tourism, countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Burma derive a small percentage of income from this sector of trade. Non-ASEAN nations such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Burma, still have a relatively low dependence on their tourism and a small percentage of income is derived from this sector. Vietnam, are in fact, looking to expand its tourism trade. The country’s marketing of Vietnam holidays place heavy emphasis on its low shopping prices, its immaculate natural views and unique cuisines.

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