Sample the food and Wine on offer in Bowral NSW Australia

Just about an hour’s drive from the Sydney airport there is a fascinating little town called Bowral. It’s easy to reach by car, train or bus. The fastest route by car is the Hume Highway but the drive along the seacoast is more scenic and highly recommended if you aren’t in a hurry. If you don’t drive from Sydney be sure to rent a car in town for sightseeing excursions. A favorite drive is to the top of Mt. Gibraltar where you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean.

Larger than any other city in the Southern Highlands, it is also admired for its beauty. It offers all the urban comforts but is located in close proximity to wilderness areas where visitors who enjoy the outdoors can find their fill of adventure. Wealthy city dwellers as far back as the mid-nineteenth century found this part of the Southern Highlands to be the ideal place to escape to the peace and quiet of the country. Elegant manor houses remain as examples of the architecture of those times. Bowral nsw accommodation is plentiful with many different styles and options.

A passion for gardening is part of the heritage of the early English settlers. Some of the private gardens here are considered among the best in the world and visitors are welcome at many of them. Corbett Gardens in the center of town is the pride of the city. It is open free to the public except when admission is charged to the tulip time Festival in late September.

There are many delightful restaurants with menus for every taste and prices for every budget. During the good weather months dining al fresco is popular at sidewalk cafes and restaurant patios. And speaking of weather, most of it is good. Winter in Australia is in June and July. During these months the temperatures sometimes drop below forty degrees but not often.

The fact that it doesn’t snow more than once every few years has not hindered the growth of a very active Siberian Husky club. Between May and September visitors can witness, and even participate in, a variety of dog sled events including an introductory day for new mushers and the mush-curious. Races are run with teams of dogs pulling wheeled vehicles designed for the purpose instead of the traditional snow sleds.

In summer temperatures rarely reach ninety degrees which helps to make “Bushwalking” the sport of choice for many visitors. There are hikes for every level of ability and enthusiasm. Youngsters, oldsters and people who rarely leave their recliners will find easy graded trails. Fitness buffs will find more challenging treks and opportunities to hike some rugged terrain. The town is surrounded by a variety of scenic landscapes. There are caves, waterfalls, naturally sculpted sandstone and a deep gorge carved out by the Shoalhaven river. Birdwatchers love the many varieties of exotic birds that may be seen including parrots, lyre birds and kookaburras.

November is spring and time for the annual Bong Bong Picnic Race. Society people turn out dressed in their finest finery with hats that scream to be admired. It’s the event of the season and might remind you of the Ascot horse racing scene in My Fair Lady.

In December there is a big Christmas Caroling event called Family Carols. It’s held in Corbett Gardens and everyone brings picnic baskets and sits on blankets on the grass because, of course, in Bowral Christmas is in the summer.


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