Royal Wedding’s Fast Approaching

The royals have a jam packed calendar this year with two weddings, two notorious birthdays and the Queens diamond Jubilee, although one of the events is stealing most of the media’s attention and that’s Prince Williams and Kate Middleton weddings.

The story caught the world by surprise nobody really saw it coming not even Kate, the royal service is firmly booked for spring 2011. As there lavish royals you thought they might of chosen wedding abroad to escape the Miserable British weather but this wasn’t the case as the couple agreed to have their special moment in true British patriotic essence at west minister abbey.

There has multiple speculations about what and how the dress will look like as well as and many other wedding ceremony factors which have been kept under wraps, but the bulk of the British people are looking ahead to the special day as they get an extra day off of work! this national day off work will hopefully drive people people to the marking and towns to boast the failing economy! Preparations have already been madeIn order for the wedding as ware’s like as hats and pens are being produces to mark the royal event, let’s pray it goes as to plan as Williams parents marriage didn’t go too smoothly which tarnished Charles’s reputation for marrying outside of the royal ancestry exactly what William is going to do in april!

I bet the press are wanting to know where there likely to take their honeymoon? I suppose somewhere in deep seclusion known by only a few where there’ll be bountiful beaches lapped by azure blue waters, picturesque backdrop like you see on Caribbean weddings Television adverts but yet more luxurious as there’ll be waited on hand and foot with their every need being fulfilled no matter how piffling or Inadequate it is.

it’s a pity they didn’t get married when William foremost proposed in Kenya!Would of been out of this world amazing if the young lovers has a Kenya wedding

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