Preparing Your First Grownup Camping Trip

Even if you’ve gone camping with your parents, chances are that you’ll want to study these rules before leaving for your own vacation.

First, even if it seems tedious you need to check your tent and other equipment. Do a test run with the tent about a week before your trip. You need to make sure the pegs, poles and ropes needed to secure the tent are in order. Check for holes in the tent material, especially in the bottom and roof as that is where water will enter if it rains.

Inflate your mattress and check for leaking air. If your camping location gets cold at night, pack an extra blanket.

Remember everything you need to make a meal if you plan on cooking at the campsite. It is a good idea to bring cutlery, one or two small pots and a grid to place on the fire in case of barbecuing. Starting a fire every time you want coffee is inconvenient, you should bring a small gas cooker. Filling the gas before you leave is a good idea. To keep clean dishes you will want to bring any necessary cleaning materials.

Make sure nothing has been opened and is sealed tightly to prevent spills of your non-perishable foods. Pack any condiments and spices you like, it is often forgotten. It is a good idea to use one container for all of the food so it can be used as a pantry for the trip, and keep all liquids in plastic bags so it doesn’t get dry food wet. Perishable foods should be kept at a minimum, and packed last, buy any perishable foods you need as you go along.

You may need your own plug for the bath, so invest in a few sizes, also do not forget any other toiletries, including toilet paper. You should bring plastic flip flops if there is a communal shower. Heading to the shower will be easier if you keep your items in a small bag or basket.

A little preparation goes a long way.

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