Places In France That You Should See In Your Lifetime

For most people who go to France, the first place they visit is normally Paris. However the country offers many other great places to see and I have listed a few of the ones I like below. You really need to take your time visiting some of the wonderful parts of France to really see its true potential.


– You will find the feudal village of Beynac situated along the banks of the Dordogne River. This beautiful area was featured in the film Chocolat and if you have seen that then you will already have an idea of it’s beauty. The entire area is like something from a fairy tale with the fabulous castle overlooking it. You really are missing a truly spectacular area of France if you have never been here.


– When the tide is out you can walk over to a tiny island and here you will find the beautiful Mont St Michel. This island has some tiny cobbled streets which are amazing and the abbey is probably one of the most famous in the whole of France. If you really want to get the most from this fantastic location then you should come when there are not so many tourists.


– Right in the heart of the French Riviera lies Nice and this town has everything that you would expect from a coastal town. This is a great place for long walks are afternoons spend relaxing in the outdoor cafes. Nice was one of the first real tourist destinations in the world and people continue to flock there today.


– If you want to find a location which has a blend of both French and German culture then Alsace is the place to visit; this town has been passed between the two countries more than once over the years. The buildings in this town offer a look at what is possible when you mix European cultures together – it really is a special place.


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