Make Your Dream Holiday Come True At Villas Barbados

The Caribbean is a term that brings to mind images of lush tropical greenery, sparkling blue waters and stretches of sun-soaked beaches of pristine white sand.  Simply thinking about it while having a coffee break at the office is enough to let us stop thinking about the stress and pressure of daily life.  Thus, a week in one of its island getaways like the Antigua or Barbados is the once in a lifetime experience.  For most of us working people not blessed with NBA-level basketball skills, America’s Next Top Model genes, and Diddy-esque advertising savvy however, resting in one of the private villas in Barbados is simply a product of our dreams.  Why reduce ourselves to daydreaming though?  A lifetime of working ought to have a break from time to time.  We all have to let out some stress lest we suffer exhaustion, so snatch your shades and those fashionable boardshorts you purchased last winter sale and get on the next plane to Rihanna’s charming native land!

Of course, rental for luxury villas Barbados can be pricey and to spend a year of savings for a tropical vacation is a tad unrealistic for the regular Joe.  On the other hand, there are Barbados cottage rentals that aren’t that expensive if you can live without central air-conditioning, round the clock maid and kitchen service.  All tropical holiday homes are situated in peaceful settings, some on top of a hill with a view of the undulating waves whilst others are in the middle of a lushly adorned tropical garden.  Still, other villas are just by the seashore where you can hop, skip and frolic in the cool Caribbean waters.  This is why living in among the lower-priced holiday homes can still be the best and most unforgettable vacation with your family and special someone.  If you’re travelling as a family or a group of friends, Barbados villas can even be cheaper than checking into some accomodations in a hotel.  Plus, the isolation and privacy that you experience staying in a tropical island abode lets you fulfill your once in a lifetime vacation.

There is some discussion, however, as to where the island’s name Barbados came from.  Some say it came from the bearded Caribs that once occupied the land since the Spanish term for beard is ‘barbas’ whereas others say it was derived from the bearded fig tree growing all over the isle.  Found in the eastern region of the West Indies, Barbados is relatively safe from typhoons and natural calamities.  Its rainy season is from the months of July to November.  Nevertheless rainshowers are normally short and momentary so arranging your holiday vacation during these months would not actually hinder your plan of frolic and fun underneath the Caribbean sun.  Food in Barbados is world-class and superb and there are many ways to have fun for all ages.  Nightlife is dynamic with a variety of bars and live music playing anything from reggae to modern dance.

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