How To Read Hotel Feedback And Make Up Your Own Mind On Which Is The Best Place To Stay

A bad hotel can very easily ruin your holiday. Some hotels look like they have just had as bomb dropped on them. There are the filthy hotels. You know the ones where you don’t want to get into bed? There are hotels with cleaning facilities so disgusting, you don’t want to step in the shower. And what about rude staff? Let us try and avoid those hotels.

There are so many fantastic types of Kings Cross hotel to stay in. These hotels have lovely rooms and facilities. The staff truly care about you and your visit. First though to find the brilliant hotels kings cross, we need to weed out the bad ones. Here are a few tips on how to try and hopefully spot those bad hotels, and to find the top class hotels.

In this day and age, the Internet is the best place to find hotels St Pancras. Bear in mind also, people are very quick to supply bad hotel reviews as well, which is useful. Search Google for review websites. Consider as many different reviews as you can. One thing to consider with reviews is they are written by different people. Different people’s expectations vary so much. For example a hotel you may find perfectly acceptable may attract an extremely negative review from another person. Alternatively you may find a hotel that has had an excellent review, that you would not want to be seen dead in! Be subjective when reading reviews. Review the reviews first! On hotel review websites you can see all reviews by the same person. Generally though, a hotel that is getting a lot of bad reviews isnt up to much. A hotel with good reviews and plenty, will be doing something right!

Asking friends for recommendations can be a very useful way to find yourself a good hotel. Particularly at work, where you might find your business colleagues may have visited a particular area before. Try and be subjective again though. Knowing the person, you should know how fair their review really is. In this respect, direct reviews are normally more reliable than searching on the Internet. On the other hand trying to measure reviews by strangers is far more difficult.

If you are within a short distance of the hotel, try walking into reception. First impressions really do count. With a visit, you’ll see exactly what state the front of house is in. Are the staff helpful? Nice staff bode well. If the staff are miserable, make your exit!

Remember to review the hotel yourself when you have finished your visit. . Particularly if the hotel is a good hotel. Too often people are quick to criticise, but dont make the effort to provide praise when praise is due.

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