Great Reasons To Choose Train Travel

Train travel is one of the best ways to get to see more of the world. Most of us now automatically book a flight when we want to go abroad but this is a bit of a shame. It is possible for most of us living in the UK to get to a train station and get some connecting trains to get us onto the continent. The following are some of the best reasons for choosing to travel by train.


– When you travel by train to a foreign city you most often arrive nearer to your intended destination. You have to travel to and from the airports and the fact that they are never usually situated that close to the city means that you will still have a good bit of travelling to do once you get off the plane. Many cities will have a train station right in the heart of the city.


– When you travel by train you get to see all the passing scenery; unless you are travelling at night of course. This is a stark contrast to plane travel where you won’t really see anything at all even on a clear day. You will find that you have a better feeling of arrival when you choose train travel.


– If you are travelling far by train you can get a sleeper cabin. This means that you can have a normal sleep and travel to your destination over night. The only way to get a comfortable sleep on a plane is flying first class something that is prohibitively expensive for most of us.


– Walking around and stretching your legs on a train is a whole lot easier. And if you want to have something to eat on a train, you will find that some of them have dining cars where it can feel as though you are in a restaurant.


– There is something just so laid back and relaxing about train travel; watching the world go by as the train rocks from side to side is really something special.


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