Golf Holidays in the Mauritius

There’s not better region to have a good game of golf than South-East Asia, The bountiful countries Mauritius in particular boasts eternal sunshine, lush vegetation, warm non sticky climates. There’s no better place to set up a gold course in my notion. 

It’s not like I’m the only person who think’s the Mauritius was the ideal location to establish a golf course as numerous greens already bless the country.

The golf inspired resorts possess greens of such great marvel you wouldn’t want to even tread on the grass just in case you’d ruin the pristine look of the green! The Vibrant emerald green courses offer challenging games for all handicaps, on the outskirts of the green’s you’ll find small palm size beaches which are lovingly lapped by the azure blue ocean.

Be sure to wear desirable Attire to the courses and some resorts just like England don’t allow players who aren’t attired appropriately, the greens can be somewhat hard due to them basking in yearlong sun shine so please refrain from wearing spiked shoes as they will shred and rake up the turf.

The “Legends” Golfing Holidays Resort claims much of the regions glory as this unique resort offers a unique game like no other! the green encompasses the foot of a real volcano! imagine teeing off from the hill side of a volcano.. What a Marvel!.

Golf Holidays tips: if you’re heading out to the Mauritius to play golf be sure to apply sun block before you hit the green and if you feel yourself burning keep applying more or take a quick dip in the sea if nobodies watching! You wouldn’t want to get a bad case of sunstroke and ruin your chances of improving your swing now would you?

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