East Coast Surf: Why Is It Popular?

Have you been asked to East Coast Surf?  Surfers all over the world would go miles looking for that perfect wave for surfing. That feeling you get when you are on top or within those barrel-like waves is quite different and overwhelming. As a keen surfer, you should be aware that surfing is not just a sport but it consists a lot of factors to note if you intend to achieve the best surfing experience. One of these factors is choosing the right surfing spot.  With a lot of coastlines to choose from worldwide, you can only wander but not to wander enough. Each surfer may have his own, shall we say, turf but some of these stand out from amongst the many. Perhaps, because of the crowd or having that “local vibe”, or maybe because of the frequent weather, or because of the area’s capacity to provide gigantic waves to ride are the reasons why some coasts are considered more popular than the others.

So, what is there that makes East Coast surf so well-liked by many?  It can be claimed that there are a lot of prime spots that are a short distance from Boston in New England’s North Shore so even if you can’t find those giant tube waves that are often seen in Hawaii, you can still enjoy the ankle to chest-high rolling waves that are perfect for surfing. North Jetty is known for being the most popular since surfers only need short paddle for them to find the best waves ever on the East Coast. Monster Hole, south of the inlet, about 3/4 miles off from the beach is where head high swells take longboarders for a long ride but it takes a long good paddle before you get to the breaking waves so that only the locals can go there. Headed towards Massachusetts, surfers would often find the longest surfable coastline minus the overcrowding wherein beginners won’t have a problem of blending in.  With the growth of the surfing population over the years, a wide range of beach breaks, reefs and even points are discovered and developed to give better settings. Also called “Eastern Seaboard,” the East Coast offers many discoveries as it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean down towards Canada. The beaches here offer consistent East Coast surf all-year round, giving surfers more time and chances to try their feet on their respective boards.

Surfing being a lifestyle because of its patronage from among surfers and mere surfing enthusiasts, alike, is one perfect venture that you only love more and more.  So be among the many people who enjoy the natural high from surfing. Try the East Coast surf and find out for yourself why it is so popular!


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