Comfort Tips For Travelling By Train


Sometimes it can be very tiring to travel for a long distance on a train; in some cases it can be more tiring than actually driving. The only way you are going to enjoy a train ride is if it is comfortable. The following tips should help those who are planning on taking a long trip on a train:


Don’t stay in bed until you have to leave for the train


It is never a good idea to jump from your bed and rush straight to the train station. Going to full on congestion mode after being in standstill is not going to do your stress levels any good. Also when you have to rush you inevitably leave stuff behind.


Be sure to remember the travel sickness medication


You may not normally get travel sickness but when you are travelling for a long period of time, they could be handy as a precaution.


Take along some food and drink for snacks


Most trains will have snack carts at least but if you are going to be sitting back and reading a good book then you will want to make sure you have some snacks with you that you actually enjoy. However it might be wise to avoid anything which is too high in sugar as this could spoil your journey by making you too restless.


Work your legs


Planes have long been linked DVT or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in leg arteries) and while you are unlikely to suffer with any similar problems on a train ride, for a really long trip, you can stand up once in a while and do a little stretching to help your body bring your blood back up for proper circulation. Or you could always take a walk down the length of the train and back again.


Extra cushions will give you more comfort


It might be a good idea to take an extra cushion with you if you are travelling for a long distance because this will give you extra comfort.


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