Camping List – What Is Absolutely Necessary?

I am going to show you a simple easy camping list from an experienced camper. All of us like to enjoy the great outdoors, listening to the crickets chirp and the still of the night as you look up at the moon and stars. Camping is an affordable and easy way to do that.

Some campers have gotten the packing down to a science on what they can leave behind and what they can’t do without. How long will you be gone is the most important question you need to ask yourself before going on a camping trip. This will allow you to know how much food to take as well as staple supplies.

If your camping trip is going to be a small one then you will not have to pack as much. Packing simple things such as sandwich items, paper products and chips or individual snack foods is a great way to go. Any way you go you will still need to bring along a cooler so you can keep drinks cold.

Most experienced campers go all out just as if they were home taking kitchen ware, dish soap and a rag to clean your dishes, food items and cutting boards if you plan on slicing anything up. I have found from experience that we do the sandwich thing for busy days and we fix larger meals for breakfast and supper. Fixing these kinds of meals is more time consuming but your packing list grows.

A few more items that you will need to pack is a grill, tarp, tent, blankets, pillows, snack items, toiletry items and possibly bug spray if you have trouble with bugs and mosquitoes. If you want more luxury, throw in a camping cot for a good night’s sleep.

Camping is an enjoyment that all families of any ages can enjoy. Your family may be on the high maintenance end and need more than this simple list. This list was prepared by an avid camper who has five children that tries to keep camping down to a bear minimal.

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