Camping In North Carolina Can Be A Memorable Vacation

Americans and enterprising foreigners choosing a vacation trip that makes nature the focus might consider camping in North Carolina. For those who are unfamiliar with the state, you need to know first of all that there are three identifiable regions: the mountains in the west, the Atlantic coast on the east and the Piedmont heartland. The state borders Tennessee on the west, Virginia in the north and Georgia and South Carolina in the south. Trails for hikers, bikers and horses are available. Gorges, mountains, forests, waterfalls and other scenic natural sites abound.

How to decide the camp location in NC

As there so many options, the best way to limit the possibilities is to decide what type of camping trip you are looking for. Do you want to go traditional and rough it? Do you want showers and potable water available? Are rented cabins more suitable? Is an recreational vehicle park a consideration? Are you interested in enjoying seasonal events as well?

Helpful tips to consider

You should do your research to make the most of this opportunity. Going online opens up a whole host of sources, including the state’s useful resources that can guide you in planning your trip. Planning ahead will certainly improve the quality of your experience.

Keep the following in mind: chairs and coolers cannot help you stake your claim to a spot next to yours at campsites in national parks. Tents must be set up. If you try to use chairs and coolers to stake claim to a spot, they will removed and placed in the lost and found.

Narrowing your choices

Use your computer to access the many websites that will help you decide amongst the wide number of choices available. General, specific and individual website resources help you find what type of campsites you are looking for and then to help narrow your options. Please keep in mind that if tent camping is your choice, there is a book that has greater detail. The book’s title is:The Best In Tent Camping: The Southern Appalachian & Smoky Mountains. It lists many known and unknown sites(depending on the prospective camper’s familiarity with the state), such as the Linville Falls Campground in Spruce Pine, NC; Camping & Cabins on Cape Lookout National Seashore in Harkers Island, NC; Mount Mitchell State Park in Asheville, NC and many other possible destinations. No matter how choosy the camper this book illustrates that there are savory offerings available.

Enjoying your experience to the full

With a little preparation and planning, camping in North Carolina can be the family trip experience that creates great memories.

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