Brighton РThe Best Of England̢۪s Seaside Destinations

Brighton is a popular tourist destination on England’s south coast. The town lies about 50 miles to the south of London and is known for its nightclubs and restaurants and relaxing atmosphere. There are a few key landmarks and places that must be visited when touring Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion – This regal building sits in the town’s center and is often known as the “Brighton Pavilion’ or locally referred to as “The Pavilion”. Though it was constructed as a farmhouse, Prince Regent (later known as King George IV) renovated the structure to be used as a seaside vacation home. Though the tour costs a small fee, it is definitely worth the charge. The inside is highly decorated and furnished with exquisite original pieces, while the outside is an impressive show of grandeur. At the perimeter of the Pavilion garden sits the Brighton Museum – a free attraction that is home to an array of historical pieces from the area, in addition to artwork from the community.

The Palace Pier – The Palace Pier is one of only three historical piers that have survived in Brighton, originally having been open in 1899. It was originally built to house a variety of amusements as well as dock a pleasure craft, today it contains amusement arcades, fine restaurants, a nightclub, tourist shops and a fun fair. The pier is a right place for a walk and to explore, the view of the seafront from this area is breathtaking. Many tourists also love to take in its kitsch attractions and enjoy spending an evening there.

The Lanes – Another great place to visit while in Brighton is the Lanes. It is by far the best place to see when you are there. There are a ton of independently owned businesses along the Lanes and you can shop till you drop. There are clothing stores, jewelry shops and antiquities dealers. You could actually spend your entire trip in the Lanes and never get to see everything because there are so many streets, shops and hidden treasures to be found. The Lanes is the oldest area in Brighton so it would be a good idea to visit their chamber of commerce and visitor information center so you can learn about the area first.

The Beach – Because Brighton is a coastal town it also features a magnificent beach. The beach sees plenty of free film showings and live music events, you will find a number of street performers there as well. It is a relaxing place for a walk and although the beach itself is pebbly as opposed to smooth you will find plenty of entertainment in the many beach front nightclubs and bars. The beach is a perfect end cap to your Brighton vacation, and is part of just the many sights you will see, enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

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