Being A Foreign National Will Not Make It Unthinkable To Have Travel Insurance

Anyone who is not a citizen of the United states and is a visitor from another country is referred to as a foreign national.  A lot of people who come to America want to experience the freedom but what they don’t realize is that most things in life are not for free, say for instance health insurance.

When visiting the United States, it is best for a foreign national to have a travel insurance policy to cover them through the waiting period.  It may take as long as 6 to 60 months for them to get health insurance either through an employer or independently.  Before taking any action, their citizenship must first be established.  In addition, they must have a green card and a social security number before they can purchase the health insurance here in the United States.

Good thing there is Insurance Services of America which is a mainstream provider of health insurance for those who are in this situation.  They concentrate on insurance for students who are studying abroad, immigrants, international corporations and foreign nationals.  They just want to make sure that everyone understands that not having any insurance is going to cause a financial risk, so they want to make sure everyone is prepared.  Getting travel health insurance should be a goal, whether it is just cheap travel insurance or adventure travel insurance.

Insurance Services of America offers a short term medical policy that will come in handy in unforeseen events and unexpected illness. In this instance, they are not required to have a social security number yet, but they are given a time frame with which they need to have that.

The plan features a variety of options, deductibles and a co-pay for services like Urgent Care.  A sickness and accident coverage of up to $2 million is also offered which is made affordable even for people who are in between jobs.  Everyone needs to have some type of medical coverage, and this company seems to have more lenient guidelines.  

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