Australian Freak Flooding

Brisbane in the Queensland territory was devastated by by flash flooding which swept through the city the a tsunami demolished homes and business’s as cars were and bins were ripped from the groundings and were rushed effortless down the street by the raging waters. 15 people tragically died in the freak flood and over 60 were reported missing.

while most brisbaneinons try and rebuild their lives the tourism sector is begging tourists not to cancel their holidays as the beaches are back to their former glory and hotels and resorts have already undergone major repair works.

If you’re a tourist with Australia holidays in near future you’re probably wondering what Brisbane is going to be like when you get there? A city in crisis with rubble and Sewage poured all over the street? In fact you’re more than likely to see the total opposite as the local councils have already cleared the streets and given the entire town a face lift unnecessary building work etc to get Brisbane better looking than she ever did before!

A local spokeswomen who organisesAustralia tours Said “Queensland looks much better than it did previously”

Dive Experts off the golden coast say that the sea’s visibility has improved by leaps and bounds and is the clearest it’s been in years, rumours say the water is so clear you can see the length of a football field when wearing goggles, this will also improve aquatic wildlifeAustralian cruises even more spectacular.

The Diamantina River commonly runs as a tiny dribble but is now flowing in the fullest of wellness; the encompassing dusty baron areas have started to bloom in grasses and efflorescence which breathe a reinvigorated look into the uninhabitable outback’s, also the wildlife has gone potty with thousands of birds flocking to the region which aren’t usually seen, i alos have to mention lakes and dams which are crammed packed full fish which wouldn’t of necessarily of been there.

The flood has really changed the Queensland state so enjoy it while it lasts as it won’t be long before another heat way comes and burns the fresh vegetation and dry s up the river and springs

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