Airmiles offers access to the best of brochure holidays

When you collect Airmiles you’re able to use them to purchase free holidays, but what sorts of holidays can you choose with your Airmiles?

There are many different types of holidays that you can choose from, ranging from exotic luxury holidays abroad to short stays in picturesque cottages in the UK . All of these types of brochure holidays are available, either with great discounts or completely free of charge, when you collect Airmiles.

One type of brochure holiday that is popular with Airmiles is the UK holiday because of its family friendliness. Airmiles can be used for breaks at some of the UK’s best holiday parks, including Butlins and Haven, so that you don’t have to spend a penny on your stay.

For those looking to get further away , the top choice is the most luxurious of brochure holidays – the cruise holiday. When you’re collecting and using Airmiles, you can get free tickets on a cruise ship run by one of the leading cruise operators in the UK, to a number of popular destinations.

If holiday for you should be filled with activity, an all-inclusive ski holiday might be the way to go , or an activity break that includes white-water rafting. You can also turn Airmiles into these types of brochure holiday.

If, on the other hand, it is the ultimate relaxation you’re after , you may want a luxurious beach holiday in a far-flung destination such as the Caribbean; just start collecting your Airmiles and your free dream holiday could be closer than you think.

Brochure holidays are not all about the same beach and sun. Even though these are for most of us essential features of a great holiday, there can be much to choose from to suit each holidaymaker’s taste.


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