A Camping Holiday In Florida? Experience Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Some children are obsessed with the idea of camping. They want to sleep under the stars, fight off wild animals by starting a fire, and generally “rough it”. Parents who may not share this enthusiasm for camping often try to distract their children by allowing them to “camp” in the backyard or sleep over at a friend’s house instead. However consider camping at Disney World as an alternative!

Despite these detractions from the pure camping experience, Disney Fort Wilderness Resort is well worth the money they charge for you to camp there. The campsite is set upon some truly beautiful land: a forest full of pine trees, water canals, and hiking trails that look like the real thing. There are even deer, rabbits, and ducks wandering around the campgrounds.

There are hook-ups for tents and RV’s, and log-cabin style buildings dot the premises. Camping at Disney World has several advantages. First of all, it is completely safe. You won’t encounter bears or other wild animals in the middle of the night, nor will you run into strangers living in the woods for nefarious purposes. So the kids will get the camping experience they desire while you have peace of mind. It also has modern conveniences, so you will not have to find places to use the bathroom or use tree leaves as toilet paper.

Camping at Disney is also safer than camping at a traditional campsite. There are no dangerous wild animals at Fort Wilderness Resort; you will never have to start a fire to scare away wolves, bears, or other predators. The only other people you will encounter are other paying guests, and Disney staff is located on the campgrounds in case of emergency.

If your children are camping purists, they might object to the Disney campsites because you have modern conveniences such as electricity and water. However, there is so much to do on the campgrounds that they will probably completely forget about this issue. On the other hand, if you get tired of camping, Disney offers complimentary transportation for resort guests to each of its theme parks.

Disney Fort Wilderness offers horse and wagon rides, bike rentals, swimming, fishing, archery, and even an outdoor movie every night.

The camping resort is located close to Disney World itself, and Disney offers complimentary transportation between the campsite and all areas of the Disney World Theme Park. If you have a dog, you can bring him or her to selected areas of the campsite. Your dog will enjoy walking through the campgrounds and will have an air-conditioned place to sleep. Cats are presumably also welcome on the campsite, although most cats are not leash trained so this may not be a good idea.

Disney Fort Wilderness charges a nominal fee for pet privileges as well as for high-speed Internet access. With so much to do, however, you probably won’t have time for the Internet. Camping at Disney is truly an opportunity for the whole family to get away from their regular routines and just relax. There are private bathroom and shower facilities on site, as well as laundry facilities. Some campsites are being renovated this year; check with Disney for availability.

Florida has so much to offer anyone interested in camping. Consider visiting other Florida campgrounds during your visit to the state.

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