Top Travel Essentials

There are a few essentials you should always take with you when you go on any trip. Travel accessories can be very helpful when on holiday.

First of all if you plan on leasing a car or leasing vans then there are some important car accessories that can help you on your journey. Satellite navigation has got to be the best of these car accessories. You can move around with ease and always know where you are going. In particular if it is somewhere you have never visited before then a sat nav can be an essential piece of equipment.

For those of you who will be travelling without a car then it is essential that you take a map with you. A map can be a life saver when looking for local supermarkets or somewhere to eat as well.

In addition mobile phone accessories like adapters and phone chargers are great when you plan to travel for more than a few days. Get a universal adapter so that you will be able to use it for all of your future excursions as well.

Besides a map a money belt is an absolute necessity. A small material pouch that can be attached to your body the money belt is a great way to look after you valuables. This is not only to protect you against pick pockets but also the possibility of your wallet simply coming out of your pocket. Naturally loosing your wallet in a different country can be a huge problem.

These additional tips will also help you against pick pockets. Carry some old credit cards and a small amount of money in a wallet, if you have any old id you could put this in there as well. The idea is that if someone tries to take you wallet by force they will think they have got everything you have. Setup as a decoy wallet you will be able to keep the rest of your personal documents and cards protected.

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