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Well being Breaks

Published on August 10, 2010 By other

A holiday should be more than a break from work. In a world of work deadlines, time limitations and pressure, merely a break from your workplace is frequently not sufficient to relieve away the tensions and pressure of weeks invested with your nose to the grindstone.
Knowing when to consider a well-being vacation
When you are accustomed [...]

Ready For The Vacation Of A Lifetime?

Published on May 22, 2010 By other

I’m a fairly seasoned traveler, not crazy, but I’ve been around. But when I decided to go to Africa, I was out of my league. I have never been in such a magical place, additionally, I never felt like a neophyte traveler. The reason I’m blogging about it is to help you not make the [...]

Wonderful World Wines-Seidelberg

Published on May 16, 2010 By other

When visiting Southern Africa, one of the most magnificent wineries and resorts is available in the Seidelberg Vineyards, centered at Paarl.    Not only a vineyard delivering exclusive wines, the amenities come is recommended on service plus the location.  Wherever your own travels take anyone in South Africa, this winery is definitely amongst one of the [...]