Save on flights

Tips on how to save on flight tickets when travelling

If you book your flight with a regular airline one week before your trip, you may get a good price but you have far better chances to save a really significant amount on your flight if you consider these couple of very simple ideas. 

  1. Peak periods
    You may be aware of peak periods of your home country, but it makes sense to find out if there is some kind of peak in the destination country, too. These are typically events like festivals sports games, beginning and end of school vacation period, etc. Avoid booking your tickets for these days, since you may pay twice as much as in general.

  3. Weekdays
    Travelling on weekdays is cheaper most of the time, especially if your destination is a typical holiday area. Many people going for a short break book their flights for a weekend to save their holidays. The other influencing factor is weekly commuting employees, who travel home for the weekend.

  5. Advance booking
    As a rule of thumb, the closer your travel days are, the more you have to pay. If you can plan your vacation 6 months ahead, your chances are good to get a nice price.

  7. Connecting flights
    If ticket prices to your destination city are too high, it is worth checking connecting flights and fly indirectly. It works out many times. Your travel time will be longer, of course and the journey is less convenient, but in exchange you can save money.

  9. Last minute
    Booking last minute is always risky, but there is a huge potential in going down with the prices. There is one thing airlines don’t want to see, unsold seats on their flights. It makes sense to book last minute if the destination is not that important for you, e.g. if you just want to go somewhere in the sun, you can try to book last minute. In the worst case you fly to Aruba instead of the Maldives. There are many last minute booking websites, it makes sense to check them out from time to time.
  10. Mailing lists
    There are several airlines and booking agencies who offer mailing lists about their discount offers (after all they want to sell those seats). When signing up on these lists, you can avoid surfing on websites for ours filling in forms with your desired travel dates and destination cities.
  11. Best fare guarantee
    Some service providers offer a so-called best fare guarantee. This means that if they reduce the price of the tickets for the same flight after you have booked yours, you too receive this discount. 
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