Save on accommodation

Tips on how to save on accommodation when travelling

If you choose the easy way and book your room with an on-line booking service on the top holiday dates, you can find good prices, but may miss a chance for further reductions of price.


  1. Season
    By travelling out of season, yet in good weather, you will be able to book at lower rates. It’s important to check the weather circumstances of your destination area at the time you travel, such as number of rainy days, average temperature, etc.

  3. Weekdays
    Travelling on weekdays is not always cheaper, but you have a higher chance for bargaining, since most travellers choose weekends to spare their holidays at work.

  5. Direct contact
    By contacting your accommodation provider directly, you can bargain with better conditions, since hotel managers and owners have more flexibility with the price. Booking agencies can only go down with their commission, not to mention fully automatic sites, where there is no chance for bargaining at all.

  7. Vacation rentals
    Instead of staying in a hotel you can choose a nice holiday apartment. These facilities are mostly self-catering and they do not employ much staff, so prices are usually lower and there is much more room for bargaining than with hotels.

  9. Last minute
    Booking last minute is always risky, but there is a huge potential in going down with the prices. Why? Accommodation owners mostly think – and they are absolutely right – that the “worst room is the empty room”, i.e. any income is better than zero. Therefore if they believe that their chances are very low to sell the room for the coming nights, they may be willing to sell their empty capacity for peanuts. 
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