The Diversity Of Focal Points & Hotels In Chicopee

Choosing The Best Of The Hotels In Chicopee

Established in 1640, Chicopee is an urban community located within easy driving distance of New York City, Albany, and Boston. Whatever the reason for your visit to this quaint Massachusetts city, the wide range of hotels in Chicopee means you can choose an establishment that suits your taste, as well as your pocket.

This historic city has been named the ‘Crossroads of New England’, reflecting its convenient location. It has excellent transportation system, boasting two airports, two railroad services, as well as being served by a number of major roads, including the three highways that run along its boundaries.

It is during the spring that the principal demand for visitors’ accommodation occurs. It is at this time when thousands of fishermen flock to the area for the annual run of shad in the Connecticut and Chicopee rivers. The Great New England Air show also draws people to the area. The show is hosted at the nation’s largest base – Westover Air Reserve Base. Built in 1940, is the base stretches over 2,500 acres and has in excess of 2,700 assigned workers.

The nearby town of Springfield was birthplace and of home Theodor Seuss Geisel and also provided much of the inspiration for his work. One of the highlights offered by the Springfield Museums is the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden where visitors can view sculptures of Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat.

The city of Springfield is also home to the Basketball Hall of Fame, which has nearly three hundred inductees. One of the most distinctive buildings in the area, the landmark structure has opened its doors to thousands of basketball fans. Interactive exhibits, live clinics and contests make this so much more than a shrine to some of the country’s sporting heroes.

With exciting roller coaster rides, an abundance of choice eateries and plenty of shopping opportunities, the Six Flag’s New England park offers everyone something to enjoy during a visit to Springfield.

Whether travelling to the area for work or just for a holiday, the area provides a wide choice of accommodation to suit everyone’s needs and budget. There are basic rooms available for those opting for the cheaper alternative, to more luxurious options for visitors wanting a little more comfort. To make it easier and more convenient for potential guests, many establishments also provide on-line reservation services.

There are two well-reviewed companies offering inexpensive rooms that are comfortable enough and well situated. Guests can even choose to check their pets in with them at the Days Inn. More comfortable rooms are available at both the Hampton Inn and the Plantation Inn of New England where excellent facilities, a variety of amenities and good service ensure guests have a restful stay.

There are so many hotels in Chicopee that visitors can be sure they’ll find the perfect place to lay their heads during their visit. After all, need a good rest in order to really appreciate the highlights of the area.

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