How To Book A Cheap Hotel Room in Dallas

Finding A Cheap Hotel In Dallas is not too challenging if you have time , internet access , and have some basis knowledge on the questions to ask reservation salesclerk.

Depending on how you find it, the rate for Dallas cheap hotels can vary wildly. Your job, as a savvy traveller, is to find the best room at the cheapest price. If you go into this process blind, then you will likely pay more. Here, we’re going to give you suggestions on how you can use the awesome, unharnessed power of the Internet—and also your own charm, and persuasion, to find the room of and for your dreams.

First, decide what you are searching for, is it a good view, certain price range, special amenities, or just a convenient location

Second , check the hotels for their advertised rates, then visit some travel websites to compare.  Typically, you will find the rates 25% lower than the hotel advertise rate.  Write down the lowest price you have found for the hotel(s) you are concerned in, as well as the name of the website giving that special price.

Third, after finding some possibilities, check with the travel websites and read the customer feed backs to give you some more insight on the best value.  Also, think about which, if any, hotel amenities you may want without spending much more money.   For example, if you would like a a business room, fitness center or internet access, it may be worth paying the little bit extra.

Four, call the hotel rep before you book online and ask if they can give you a upgrade or discount.While speaking to the hotel, ask, “I was hoping to pay a little less : or “Is it possible for me to get a discount?Remember, the nicer you are, the better chance you can get an upgrade or better rate.  It may be advantagous to call after office hours when the regular hotel manager or reservation officer in gone.

Lastly, if you still are unhappy with the rate they offer, use the information you gathered when researching for a cheaper rate on the competing hotel and ask if they would honor it.  Most hotels will honor the lowest rate you have found on the internet. }  Additionally, many chains have programs in which they offer big discounts if you find a rate lower than their lowest rate.  Many hotels have a Lowest Rate Guarantee program.  If you find a rate lower than the lowest one they are advertising on their website, they will give you an even more greater discounted rate.  Be clear on exactly what the total cost of the room would be, then book away!

In Conclusion, While there are many sites on the Internet that will tell you that you can get the best rate through them,in the end, the best way to get a Dallas cheaphotel room—that isn’t a dump—is to do some sleuthing on your own. Just use your persuasive power of a phone call to the hotel itself. Remember: it never hurts to ask. Of course, you can also make out like a bandit by bidding on the room you want. No hotel wants their beds empty.

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