Check Out AAA For Travel Insurance

Most travelers prefer AAA since they are a household name.  AAA is widely known for roadside assistance but they also provide travel insurance.  Getting insurance for your trip is easy with AAA, and they offer several types of coverage.

You can get trip cancellation coverage with AAA.  This will take care of you if there is an unforeseen event say for example a death in the family, bad weather, illness and financial loss of a cruise or tour line.  They don’t mention bankruptcy or financial loss of an airline, so be sure to ask when you call about the policy.

While traveling you may also buy a short-term plan for cheap travel insurance.  You can use this when you are traveling out of the country since most health insurances don’t cover outside of the US.

If in case your baggage ends up lost, damaged or stolen on your trip, AAA also offers insurance for your baggage.  You should also try to find loopholes in the policy as they might not cover for your baggage you have with you if something happens with it in the airport.

AAA also has accidental death and dismemberment policy that other companies mostly don’t have.  Remember to get this coverage you have to lose a limb or an eye.  When purchasing this policy, know how much coverage your spouse would get if accidental death ever does happen.  In knowing that you would be able to find out if you need to increase your insurance policy.  They are also well known for their senior citizen travel insurance.

In order for this travelers insurance to be effective, you need to have your personal policy already to go.  They only want to make sure that you have coverage for your treatment when you get back in the US.


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