Why Do People Love Going To France For A Holiday?

When it comes to the best holiday destination in Europe, the number one answer is France; in fact it has actually been voted as the best place to visit in the World as well. What is it though about France that attracts so many people? Why do so many people in the World talk about its capital city Paris all the time? Well, as anyone has been there will probably know there is just so much to do and see in France. There really is somethign for everyone from the French Riviera to the French Alps.

Many of us in the UK like the French weather. It is almost impossible for us to make any plans which rely on the weather here in the UK, but in France, especially in the south, they always seem to have nice sunny weather from early spring to late autumn. Even though the majority of France experiences a mild winter, the Alps can always be depended on to provide enough snow for skiing. But it is not just the nice weather which makes the country a popular choice. The French culture is very impressive and their class and style is something that you really don’t experience anywhere else on the planet.

It is extremely easy to get around France too. It is simple to get to where you want to go because of the fantastic roads and the excellent choice of public transport. For us in the UK there are quite a number of ways for us to reach France but the shortest and most convenient way is through the Channel Tunnel which takes just thirty five minutes from Folkestone to Calais. France dedicates a lot of time to its tourist industry and as such there are plenty of hotels available which will suit almost any budget. French food and wine is among the best in the world so if you like eating out, you will be in dreamland. So if you are looking for a great holiday to visit then France is a fantastic choice.

City breaks Europe style are becoming very fashionable. France hotels are among the best in Europe when thinking about this option. A lot of them are pet friendly hotels also. For a romantic weekend away, city breaks are the best.

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