Train Travel Around Europe

We have a lot of choice in the UK when it comes to travel. In the past travel abroad meant a huge expense for people and was something that was exclusively for those with plenty of extra money in their pockets. Most Brits needed to make do with trips to Brighton or if they were very lucky Skegness. These days though almost all of us can go abroad at least once a year and there are cheaper options available all the time. We can explore Europe by train these days and it is so easy to get there by train too.

Those of us who would like to really explore Europe can purchase flexible train tickets that allow us to go anywhere within the European Zone. Backpackers who were on a tight budget were the ones who used to buy these tickets a few years back. These days though, people of all ages are finding that this is not only an economical way to travel but it is also great fun too. And when it comes to short trips away, one of the most popular places to visit has got to be France. There are superfast trains which will now get you from London to Paris in just three hours.

The standard of the rail network in Europe and the UK is very high so you can be sure of a pleasurable trip. And a flexi-ticket will enable you to head off on a whim if you like. There are plenty of people who prefer not to make any plans and just get on and off the train whenever they see something of interest. These types of holidays are really adventurous and you get to see parts of Europe that you would otherwise never get to see. And another great benefit of train travel through Europe is that there is no traffic jams and the scenery is a lot more picturesque than travelling on a motorway.

It’s great getting an English ferry (ferry angleterre) for a trip to the UK. Quite often though, people enjoy using the Channel Tunnel (tunnel sous la manche). For thos wanting to stay in England (sejour angleterre), these ways are the best means of getting there.

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