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Madrid, Spain is a beautiful city that is incredibly unique. If you are planning a trip to Madrid soon then you need to know the right Madrid hotel for your needs. And with so many available it can be hard to narrow your choice down. Are you going for business or pleasure? How will you be making your way to Madrid and how long will you be staying? Those are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you book your hotel. It can be daunting trying to find a good hotel in a foreign city and country. This article will cover many of the most popular hotels in Madrid and even cover some of the basic questions you need to ask yourself before you reserve your room.

Where should I go to find a Madrid Hotel online?

Thankfully with so many websites that are fully devoted to tourism and travel, you can find the best deal on a Madrid hotel with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some of the top sites you need to visit are,, and All three will enable you to search for the right Madrid hotel for your needs based on your travelling plans. And while you are on the site you can save yourself some money by booking your airline and rental car at the same time. also has an additional feature that many love: the ability to name your own price. Now there is a catch. Most times you have to be very flexible in your travel dates and if your bid is accepted then that is what you pay. If you happen to come across something cheaper you are stuck into your contract. But you can save a lot of money this way.

How nice is the Carlton Hotel in Madrid?

Located near Atocha train station, the Carlton Hotel is one Madrid hotel that is highly recommended by other travelers on many tourism websites. It is a 4 star hotel and comes with many luxurious benefits but you will not have to pay outrageous fees to stay there. The average cost of this hotel per night is around $125 USD a night. One of the best reasons to stay here is because it is in a great location. You are close to the train station yet only a short walk to many of the museums. It is also a very safe neighborhood so you do not have to worry about walking around to see the sights nearby.

Is there a Madrid hotel within walking distance of the train stations?

Madrid is one of those cities that shame the rest of the world with its respect to alternative forms of transportation. There are hundreds of ways to get around the city but by far the metro train stations are the best. There is not a Madrid hotel that is not within a short walking distance of one of the train stations. So the real question would be: which train station do you want? There are some train stations that will take you into and out of the city so if you need to stay close to one of them for travel reasons then you can simply look on a map and find a hotel that is reasonably priced within a short walking distance.

How far in advance do I need to book my Madrid hotel?

You need to book your Madrid hotel as soon as you have your travel plans firmly dated. The earlier you book the more likely you are to save money. And if you book your airfare and rental car (should you need one) at the same time you will often find package deals. Just remember to plan for the season. Tourism is higher in the Spring and Fall but slacks off a bit during the Summer and Winter season. If you are travelling to attend one of the many festivals held in Madrid, you will definitely need to book well in advance to ensure you have a room at a decent price.

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