Incredible Vacations On The Isle Of Arran, Scotland

Scotland, in Britain, is an incredible place to have a vacation featuring a fantastic  number of visitor attractions including some of the most interesting museums and galleries in Great Britain,  perfect countryside for mountain climbers, hikers, ramblers, hill-walkers and other folk of that ilk together with a massive selection of fortified houses, castles, historical buildings and country houses.  In the following article I introduce the Isle of Arran and explain why the island is such a excellent place to take a vacation.

Arran is the seventh largest island in the country of Scotland and although Arran is frequently said to be one of the islands of the Hebrides it is in fact situated in the Firth of Clyde which is further south. As tourism is the main industry on Arran it will not surprise you that there is an incredible number of hotels on Arran . Though the overall majority of people arrive at the island in order to enjoy the awesome countryside the island also features a respectable collection of visitor attractions including; Brodick Castle Gardens, Kildonan Castle, Arran Transport Museum and Arran Heritage Museum.

There are several population centres, the most populous is Brodick, the site of the ferry terminal where you can sail to Ardrossan on the Scottish mainland. Lamlash, located 4 miles to the south of Brodick, is the point of departure to Holy Island.

Lochranza is largest settlement in the northern part of the island and will find the ferry terminal with sailings to Claonaig on the mainland. It is important to know that the ferry only runs in the summer. The village is situated in a wide, and extremely pretty, bay with the ruined Lochranza Castle being the most popular tourist attraction.

Blackwaterfoot is the biggest village on the western coast of Arran. The village has a tiny harbour, a pub (bar) and a garage (including a petrol (gas) sta (gas)tion). Other settlements worth visiting include; Whiting Bay (south of Brodick), Kilmory (south coast), Catacol (in the north), Corrie (north of Brodick)and finally Pirnmill which has the most beautiful beach on the Isle of Arran.

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