Hotels vs. holiday apartments

We all know what hotels can offer throughout the world with their services, tiny rooms and receptions open day and night, but what is the advantage of booking a holiday apartment for your city visit? Is it any better?  What about services?

As a matter of fact, the most important advantage of hiring an apartment is price. You don’t have to pay the huge staff, there is only one person, who hands over the key and perhaps another one who does the cleaning. The other thing is space, while in a reasonably priced hotel – I’m not talking about 5-star suites here – all you have is a tiny room and a modest bathroom. In a vacation home, you have at least one large room or even two or three bedrooms, a livingroom, a dining area, and so on. Why would you need  that much space?   It depends, if you are on a family trip, you can hire  a single apartment and stay together, and the price will be a fragment of two or three hotel rooms. It’s the same if you travel with your friends, you can be at the same  spot, spending money on one flat only.

As far as services are concerned, if you miss room service, a sauna, an own restaurant and hotel lounges, a vacation apartment is not your choice. Generally these apartments are self-catering, but at the same time they are rented out with a well equipped kitchen, where you can prepare whatever you want, whenever you want, if you need it, but most of us anyway prefer to eat out in self-discovered local restaurants. The selection is huge, for example, when looking for apartments in Budapest , you can choose from extremely cheap studios to luxury two bedroom apartments in a penthouse,  with several bathrooms, fancy furniture, balcony, etc.

What other advantages are there?  Bargaining. Many of the owners are individuals making a living out of renting out their apartments in the inner city, this means that they are much more flexible than hotel chains. If you are travelling out of the typical touristic dates, chances are high that you can go down with the price  a bit. If you are staying for a longer period, perhaps several weeks, you may even receive a really significant price reduction.

When booking cheap flights and  a cheap apartment, you can improve the budget of your trip  significantly, and the experience is the same. The amount spared on your accommodation can be spent on other useful things or perhaps on another trip.

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