Granada: The Spain You Always Dreamed Of

On your next trip to Spain, be sure to hit the city of Granada. This city has it all, from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains and from tasty tapas to fiery flamenco.

Nowhere except Granada do they serve complimentary tapas. Whenever you order a drink in one of Granada’s hundreds of tapas bars, the bartender will hand you a delicious tapa such as fried calamares, a hamburger with french fries, or a plate of paella.

One of Granada’s most interesting areas is the neighborhood of the Sacromonte. 500 years ago, when the gypsies first arrived in Granada, they settled into the caves along this hillside. There they cultivated their art of flamenco and celebrated parties called “zambras”. Today, you can visit these caves and see spectacular flamenco “zambra” performances.

The Alhambra, Spain’s most visited monument, sits atop a hillside overlooking downtown Granada. The Moors built this Medieval walled city of opulent palaces to be a “Heaven on Earth”. When Washington Irving, the famous American author, visited the Alhambra, he was so taken by its beauty that he immediately began writing a set of essays and short stories entitled “Tales of the Alhamabra”.

For those looking to pick up some Spanish language fluency, Granada is the best place for summer programs in Spain. Each year, Granada attracts over 10,000 international students who come to study Spanish at the University of Granada’s Modern Language Center. In fact, no other city in the world attracts more Erasmus students (European college foreign exchange students) than Granada.

If you’re into winter sports, Granada’s Sierra Nevada Mountains offer the warmest and southermost ski resorts in Europe. This mountain range also has the second highest peaks in Europe after the Alps.

And, of course, no summer in Spain would be complete without a trip to the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re into kite surfing, sunbathing on the beach, or just chilling out with a sangria and some free tapas at an open-air seaside bar, there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending the day on the coast of Granada.

While other Spanish cities may have charm and beauty, Granada stands out as a city that represents all that is Spain. Whether you dream of the sunny shores of the Mediterranean or the excitement of snowboarding down the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, whether you want to explore Medieval castles, dance with the gypsies or just brush up on your Spanish, Granada is the Spain you’ve always dreamed of.

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