Merimbula is a great location for your next holiday on South Coast of NSW

Merimbula is on Australia’s New South Wales Sapphire Coast and is a wonder of pure beauty. It showcases clean beaches with plenty of great surfing locations, lots of abundant fishing spots, and heaps of fun family activities. It’s the perfect place to rest, relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Finding somewhere to stay in Merimbula is easy because you can choose from a diverse array of Merimbul holiday accommodation. With opportunities to set up a camping site near the beach, stay in self contained 1 and 2 room apartments or relax in a luxurious resort. All these places are close to pristine beaches and right at the water’s edge. You will have spectacular views of the ocean where ever you stay here and the naturally welcoming environment puts the traveller instantly at ease.

The most economical way for a family to stay in this wonderful location is in a beach side cabin, which will give you access to lots of enjoyable activities. There is a distinct safe, calm and welcoming atmosphere present in this paradise, which provides the perfect setting for a family vacation. Children are safe to swim and play on the beach, while adults can partake in any number of exciting activities.

There is always something entertaining to do in Merimbula. Popular activities include Whale watching, swimming, surfing and walking along hiking trails through lush forests, offering the opportunity to experience unique vegetation and wildlife. An individual can also partake in many extreme water sports such as kite-boarding, scuba diving and reef or deep sea fishing.

An adventurous traveller can participate in extreme water sports such as kite-boarding, scuba diving and reef or deep sea fishing. In addition, an individual who likes the experience and excitement of a big city nightlife, or a full day shopping in town, then this holiday paradise is a short drive south to Melbourne or Sydney. Once the high energy trip to town is done, it is a quick car trip back to the sheltered beach side town for more relaxation and a quiet time again.

The seafood found in this region is exceptional, with the freshest oysters available to those who enjoy this type of cuisine. An individual can even catch their own dinner, choose locally grown produce to accompany it, and then experience the pleasure of cooking it themselves on the beach while watching the sunset. The warm climate invites the guest to enjoy alfresco style dining at one of the many sumptuous restaurants in the area, catered by experienced chefs.

To experience the warm and inviting weather, then the best time of the year to visit Merimbula is during the spring and summer months. This time of year provides the perfect environment for outdoor activities. However, if you enjoy a cooler climate, then winter is also a fascinating time to visit.

When you are seeking a place to vacation that is relaxing or has plenty of adventurous activities, Merimbula is the location that you should visit. You will delight in the pristine beaches, lush forests and rugged coast line, all these features are distinctive to an Australian coastal experience.

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