Could Heron Island Be Australia’s Best Holiday Resort?

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the World. For tourist there are a wide range of opportunities available for those wanting to take a look at the reef. Having said that, there are not too many locations that are truly a part of the reef. Heron Island is certainly one holiday destination that is a significant part of the Barrier Reef. It’s a natural coral cay that owes its existence to the Great Barrier Reef and, for that reason, is  part of the Great Barrier Reef National Park.

For travellers, what helps to make Heron Island extraordinary is that almost everything is at your door. An individual will not need to hand over their day-to-day money (as well as their free time) on charter vessels to check out the Barrier Reef, most people can virtually wake up each day and be in the ocean within no time at all. Not just in the ocean, but swimming above the Great Barrier Reef. You should not forget about your snorkel, face mask and flippers – you may need them if you would like to see all that the reef has to offer you. Visitors can put in hours floating over the reef so flippers  are invaluable to prevent tired legs. What works to make Heron Island perhaps even more precious is that the island happens to be closed to day visitors so you will never be crowded out.

There is a lot more to Heron Island than just the coral reef – although much of it does depend on the reef. Green turtles travel to the beaches around the isle to lay their eggs. Currently there are hordes of birds from a diverse range of species that call the remote island home – just simply laying back on the beachfront observing them arrive and depart is interesting in itself. That is Heron Island – but what about the holiday resort?

Your room is not that dissimilar to many other resorts. Rooms include the conventional ceiling fans, fridge, tea/coffee making conveniences and clock radio. The thing that is a bit special is the absence of a television system, the addition of special beach towels, and the open-air terrace where you can take it easy and watch over the ocean. A handful of hotel rooms feature air-conditioning that sometimes can be convenient whenever it is really very hot – but open your windows and let the coastal breeze in – there is certainly nothing like it.

When it comes to eating, can I highly recommend you get the food bundle. The cuisine is definitely good and although breakfast is bundled in your accommodation costs, you will save  a lot of money by deciding to buy the meals deal. This includes lunch and dinner for every single day you’re on the tropical isle. It futhermore frees you from concern about further fees – a person  can select from the menu regardless of price – and what a assortment! If you commit plenty of time snorkeling around the Barier Reef, you will probably require a great deal of energy to keep you going.

Heron Island has one more claim to fame. It is one of the limited number of tourism places within Australia which is fully environmentally friendly. Heron Island produces its own electrical energy as well as potable water. At the same time, it treats all of its own waste.  This is certainly one of the factors why it has picked up several eco friendly travel related awards. As a travel resort, it is 2nd to no one and seriously worth adding to your really should check out list.

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