Ready For The Vacation Of A Lifetime?

I’m a fairly seasoned traveler, not crazy, but I’ve been around. But when I decided to go to Africa, I was out of my league. I have never been in such a magical place, additionally, I never felt like a neophyte traveler. The reason I’m blogging about it is to help you not make the same mistake I did.

The thing you must understand is that once I get something into this head, like an Africa vacation, nothing removes it. LOL.

Okay, here goes. First, do your research, it’s a huge country with a lot to see. So go online and plan your trip, there are so many great sites to guide you. Next, you don’t need to get shots, I’m not a doctor but when I got their and started talking to tourist from Europe, they pretty much laughed at me when I told them I got shots.

Now lets talk about hotels. There are beautiful boutique hotels in South Africa along Long Beach. Speaking of Long Beach, it’s the most beautiful 2 ½ miles of beach I have ever seen. The drive to Chapman’s Peak is frightening because there are no guard rails but it truly is stunning.  Now, if you go to Africa, you must go to Boulders Beach. This is an experience of a life time because Boulders Beach is home to a large family of penguins. What’s more, you can actually swim with them. This is not “Sea World” this is where they live and they don’t mind you joining them for a dip, in fact, they love it.

Finally, if you like wine, even if you don’t, you must go to Stellenbosch, it is some of the beautiful country in the world. Once their, you can pretty much bounce from vineyard to vineyard like Napa or Burgundy. The difference is, these are some of the most unique architecture and unspoiled landscape I’ve even set foot on. So take my advise, do your homework, and say hi to the penguins.

I promise you this, if you want to change the way you look at your life and everything surrounding it, take an Africa vacation. It simply puts your life into scale once and for all.


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